❤ The Project ❤

What is NFT Waifus Project?

NFT Waifus Project is a NFT’s collection that revolves around a single idea: Waifus.

Based on the highly popular Japanese animation style (Anime) we have created a collection of 100 waifus, each with her name and a little bio that describes in simple words the personality of the character.

Every Waifu is unique, just like any person. Because of this, each NFT is limited to one, with no copies and no duplicates. Once you choose your waifu, she is yours and yours alone.

❤ Our Waifus ❤

Every Waifu is represented in a “Card” format, and they are differentiated by her rarity:

SR (Super Rare)

~ Animated NFT ~

SSR (Super Super Rare)

~ Animated NFT ~

~ Color variation to differentiate it from the SR ~

UR (Ultra Rare)

~ Animated NFT ~

~ Colors based on the Waifu ~

~ Exclusive frame and animations ~

~ Original music composed by us ~

❤ Follow Us ❤

Buy a Waifu on OpenSea, follow us on our social media pages or join our discord, everyone is welcome!